The 2017 newly founded and rapidly growing Columbia Blockchain Alliance is working to connect a gamut of blockchain disciplines across each of the schools at Columbia University; an Alliance

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The Columbia Blockchain Alliance is the first exclusively blockchain community at Columbia University. The alliance's objective is to leverage the strength and history of its rich community to take an academic approach to create awareness and to support the emerging blockchain technologies and its many ancillary communities being established.

The group is for anyone in the Columbia community interested in blockchain, distributed ledger, cryptocurrency, and related technologies. We welcome all skill levels and representation from researchers, students, entrepreneurs, investors, academia, practitioners, and beyond. The alliance will; lead efforts to spur innovation driven by blockchain technology; endorse cross discipline collaboration; spur ideation that can occur at the intersections of diverse academia studies; and play an active role in blockchain technology research. The alliance will act as a conduit and bring relevant thinkers, tinkerers, thought leaders, and investors together to promote team formation towards successful idea execution.

"Blockchain technologies are leading us into an unprecedented time in history where the incumbent industries of law, banking, and technology will be forced to change at a fundamental level beyond anything we have experienced in the past century." 

- Brian Rogers, Chairman & Co-Founder